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Book And A Brew – Book Subscription Box – November 2016

Published November 21, 2016 by bibliobeth


Hello everyone! Today I’d like to tell you about a fabulous new book subscription service that I’ve recently signed up to and I was so excited to receive my first box over the weekend. The company is called Book And A Brew and each month they send out a lovely hardback book and a box of tea to drink along with it. You pay £12.99/month for this service, boxes are shipped on the 15th of every month and for me, it’s an absolute bargain. The book itself is usually worth more than this without even taking into account the price of the box of tea! You can also buy a single box, perfect for a gift for the price of £14.99. Fantastic if you’re struggling for Christmas presents this time of the year, right?

There’s nothing more exciting than getting your first Book And A Brew box. You have no clue what you’re going to be getting and the anticipation of it all is indescribable. The packaging is lovely, the entire box covered with Book And A Brew stamps and sealed with their special sticker.


When you open up the box, everything is wrapped nicely in tissue paper, prolonging the anticipation even more but the first thing I saw was the tea, this month from Joe’s Tea Co, The Earl of Grey and described on a leaflet that also tells you about your book (which I didn’t read until I had opened my book so I didn’t spoil myself!):

“Dust down your best china and silver-up the spoons as you refresh your senses with this elegant blend. Black tea, finely fragranced with bergamot orange oil.”

And then time for the book – this month, the fantastic sounding The Glasgow Coma Scale by Neil D.A. Stewart. Here’s a little synopsis:

Lynne once dreamed of being an artist, but whose promotion to supervisor at a call-centre in Glasgow is sucking the soul out of her. When Lynne hands a fiver to a homeless man on the street in town one day, she is shocked to recognise Angus – her former art teacher on whom she once had a crush. What on earth could have reduced him to life on the street? In a gesture of uncharacteristic rashness, she invites him home. 

So begins The Glasgow Coma Scale, this is a taut, ticklish, tender and truly unexpected story of art, of the city, of feelings, and about the redemptive power of an unconventional kind of love.


Yup, I’m happy! It’s a book I confess I’ve never heard of but sounds like something I would thoroughly enjoy. I can also confirm that the tea is absolutely delicious and I shall be enjoying that for the rest of the month. So, in conclusion, I am over the moon with my first Book And A Brew subscription box and I shall definitely be continuing my subscription for the forseeable future. Actually can’t wait to see what delights the December box will hold!

You can subscribe to Book And A Brew on their website where you have 22 days from today to order December’s box for yourself or a friend/loved one. Why not also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? (@bookandabrew) I highly recommend them!

Book & A Brew – Delivering A Monthly Mystery Box Filled With A Perfect Page Turner & Drinkable Delights.



Bookish Delights – Ninja Book Swap

Published September 22, 2016 by bibliobeth


Has everyone heard about the Ninja Book Swap? No? Well, you’re in the perfect place! Sign up for their Autumn Ninja Book Swap has just opened (and remains open until midnight on Saturday October 2nd so you have plenty of time to fill in a really quick and easy form, receive a lovely box of bookish delights from a book ninja picked for you and send your own special package.

Interested? Tell you more?:

Okay, so here are the rules. On a date specified by lovely organiser Bex, you will receive an email giving you a partner. It will let you know their likes and dislikes with a link to their wishlist of books and your mission is to prepare a beautiful parcel based on what you think they would like. This should contain one book from your partner’s wishlist (but you can put more than one in if you like) a small gift and a card saying hello, introducing yourself with your name and Twitter/other social media contact details so that they can thank you for all the bookish goodness.

Bex will let you know the deadline as to when you must post your parcel by and once you send it off make sure you get proof of postage and email the Ninja Book Swap Team with a copy of this to prove that you have sent the package. You can choose to send internationally or locally, just please be aware that it is obviously going to cost a bit more if you choose to send overseas. After the deadline and after you’ve sent your parcel all you have to do is wait eagerly for Mr Postman to deliver your own box of delights from the partner chosen for you. Please also email Bex when you receive your parcel and make sure to thank your ninja on social media!

Make sense? Sign you up?:

First of all, say hello to Bex on Twitter @NinjaBookSwap so she’s aware of you (due to some naughty people taking advantage of the swap). She won’t bite- promise!

Why do I love Ninja Book Swap so?:

I was first introduced to Ninja Book Swap by my sister and fellow blogger Chrissi Reads after I expressed some jealousy at seeing her beautiful surprise packages. I’ve been involved in a couple of swaps now, one regular swap and a special themed spot which is done from time to time. On my first swap, I got the most beautiful bookish gifts – little bookmarks, banned books socks, a little keyring saying “I’d Rather Be Reading,” (so true!) and two fantastic John Lindqvist books which had been on my wishlist for an age but I’d never got round to buying for myself.


My Instagram post from my very first Ninja Book Swap – amazing goodies!

The themed swap had a Persephone Books theme – this is a specialist bookshop in London which stocks neglected fiction and non-fiction from mostly women writers. Their back catalogue is truly incredible and it was very exciting trying to decide a potential wishlist for my ninja of Persephone books I most wanted. See also my short feature on Persephone Books HERE.


My Instagram post from my Persephone Book Ninja

Have I enticed you yet? Why not sign up? Might see you soon….as your NINJA! 😛