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Acosta, Carlos – Pig’s Foot

Adams, Richard – Watership Down

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Half Of A Yellow Sun

Adiga, Aravind –

Adler-Olsen, Jussi – Disgrace (The Absent One)

Adragh, Arjuana – The Last Laugh

Aesop – Aesop’s Fables

Aiken, Joan – The Wolves Chronicles

Akkad, Omar El – American War

Albertalli, Becky – Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Alcock, Vivian – The Cuckoo Sister

Alcott, Louisa May – Little Women

Alexander, Aimee – The Accidental Life Of Greg Millar

Alexie, Sherman – The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

Alper, Debi and Swingewood, Sally – Stories For Homes Volume Two

Anaya, Rudolfo – Bless Me, Ultima

Andersen, Laura – The Boleyn King

Anderson, Laurie Halse –

Angelou, Maya – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Anthony, Brian and Walker, Bill – Abe Lincoln On Acid

Anwar, Amer – Western Fringes

Appignanesi, Lisa – Fifty Shades Of Feminism

Arimah, Nneka Lesley – What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky (short story collection)

Arlidge, M.J. – Eeny Meeny

Armitage, Simon – Walking Home

Arnold, Elizabeth Joy – The Book Of Secrets

Asher, Jay – Thirteen Reasons Why

Ashton, Brodi – The Everneath Series

Atkinson, Kate – Life After Life

Atwood, Margaret – The Positron Series

Atwood, Margaret – short story

Awad, Heather – The Girl With The Blue Umbrella


Backman, Fredrik

Baker, Jo – Longbourn

Banville, John – Ancient Light

Barclay, Linwood – No Safe House

Bardugo, Leigh – The Grisha Series

Bardugo, Leigh – Six Of Crows series

Barnard, Joanna – Hush Little Baby

Barnes, Kim – In The Kingdom Of Men

Barnett, Laura – The Versions Of Us

Barrie, J.M, – Peter Pan

Barton, Fiona – The Widow

Bauer, Belinda – The Shut Eye

Baum, L. Frank – The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Bawden, Nina – adult fiction

Bawden, Nina – children’s fiction

Baywood, Jamie – Getting Rooted In New Zealand

Beauman, Ned –

Bechdel, Alison – Fun Home

Bell, Alex – Frozen Charlotte

Benioff, David – City Of Thieves

Bennett, Ann – The Bamboo Trilogy

Benwell, Fox – The Last Leaves Falling

Bergen, David – Stranger

Berry, Lauren – Living The Dream

Beukes, Lauren –

Bilyeau, Nancy – The Crown

Bivald, Katarina – The Readers Of Broken Wheel Recommend

Bjørk, Samuel – I’m Travelling Alone

Black, Tony – Enough Of This Shit Already (short story)

Blackman, Malorie – Noughts & Crosses series

Blackman, Malorie – (standalone young adult fiction)

Blankman, Anne – Prisoner Of Night And Fog series

Blume, Judy – Forever

Boroughs, Allan – Ironheart

Bowen, Elizabeth – The Last September

Boyd, William – Sweet Caress

Boyne, John – Stay Where You Are And Then Leave

Bray, Carys – A Song For Issy Bradley

Brannon, Sandra – Noah’s Rainy Day

Briggs, Andy – The Inventory: Iron Fist (The Inventory #1)

Brockmeier, Kevin – Things That Fall From The Sky (short story collection)

Brownlee, Lucie – Life After You

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Burton, Jessie –

Busby, Siân – A Commonplace Killing

Butcher, Jim – The Dresden Files

Butler, Octavia E. – Kindred

Byatt, A.S. – Possession

Byers, Sam – Idiopathy

Byrne, Paula –

Byrne, Tanya – Heart Shaped Bruise


Cain, Tom – Bloodsport (short story)

Campbell, Ramsey – (short stories)

Cannon, Joanna – The Trouble With Goats And Sheep

Carey, M.R. – The Girl With All The Gifts

Cargill, C. Robert – Dreams & Shadows

Carr, J.L. – A Month In The Country

Carroll, Lewis

Carter, Angela –

Carter, M.J. – The Strangler Vine

Carroll, Emma –

Carver, Will – January David series

Casale, Alexia –

Cassidy, Anne – Looking For JJ (Jennifer Jones #1)

Celona, Marjorie – Y

Chambers, Becky – The Wayfarer series

Chang, Jung – Wild Swans

Chanter, Catherine – The Well

Chapman, Emma – How To Be A Good Wife

Chaudhuri, Maria – Beloved Strangers: A Memoir

Chbosky, Stephen – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Chekhov, Anton – The Student (short story)

Chevalier, Tracy – The Last Runaway

Choo, Yangsze – The Ghost Bride

Christie, Agatha – Death On The Nile

Chu, Ben – Chinese Whispers

Clarke, Cat

Clarke, Lucy – The Sea Sisters

Cleave, Chris – Gold

Cohen, Ariella – Sweet Breath Of Memory

Cohen, Julie –

Colbert, Brandy – Pointe

Coleman, Rowan – The Memory Book

Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games Series

Collins, Wilkie – A Terribly Strange Bed (short story)

Connelly, Charlie – And Did Those Feet: Walking Through 2000 Years of British and Irish History

Cook, Robin – Crisis

Cooney, Caroline B. Point Horror series

Cooper, Natasha – The Common Enemy (short story)

Copleton, Jackie – A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding

Cormier, Robert – The Chocolate War

Courcy, Anne de – The Fishing Fleet: Husband Hunting in the Raj

Cross, Gillian –

Cross, Mason – The Samaritan (Carter Blake #2)

Crowther, Peter – Ghosts With Teeth

Cumming, Charles – A Colder War


Dahl, Roald – Boy

Daly, Paula – Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?

Davis, Ben – The Private Blog of Joe Cowley

Dawson, Juno

Dazieri, Sandrone – Kill The Father

Deering, Lawrence R – The Brotherhood

Dennard, Susan – Something Strange And Deadly Series

Demetrios, Heather – Something Real

DeStefano, Lauren – The Chemical Garden Series

DeStefano, Lauren – The Perfect Ruin Series

  • Perfect Ruin

Dexter, Colin – Mr E. Morse, BA OXon (Failed) (short story)

Diamond, Laura Nicole – Shelter Us

Dickens, Charles

Dicker, Joël – The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair (translated by Sam Taylor)

Dinesen, Isak – Out of Africa

Dinsdale, Robert – Gingerbread

Doherty, Paul – Roseblood

Dolamore, Jaclyn – Magic Under Glass

Donovan, Anne – Buddha Da

Doughty, Louise –

Douglas, Claire – Last Seen Alive

Doyle, Arthur Conan (Sherlock Holmes novellas)

Doyle, Arthur Conan -The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (short stories)

Drabble, Margaret – Faithful Lovers (short story)

Drvenkar, Zoran – You

Duchovny, David – Holy Cow

Dugard, Jaycee – A Stolen Life

Duff, Kat – The Secret Life Of Sleep

Dunmore, Helen – The Lie

Durrant, Sabine – Lie With Me


Easer, Katherine – Vicious Little Darlings

Eberlen, Kate – Miss You

Eclair, Jenny – Moving

Ekbäck, Cecilia – Wolf Winter

Ellis, Arun D. – Corpalism

Elson, Jane

Enders, Giulia – Gut: The Inside Story Of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

Eng, Tan Twan – The Gift of Rain

Engel, Amy – The Roanoke Girls

Englander, Nathan – What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank (short story collection)

Essbaum, Jill Alexander – Hausfrau

Etchison, Dennis – Tell Me I’ll See You Again (short story)

Extence, Gavin – The Universe Versus Alex Woods


Faber, Michel – The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories (short story collection)

Farnham, Dawn – The Red Thread (The Straits Quartet #1)

Farooki, Roopa – The Good Children

Filer, Nathan – The Shock Of The Fall

Fine, Anne – Flour Babies

Fine, Cordelia – Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences

Finnigan, Judy – Eloise

Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald, Zelda – Save Me The Waltz

Fletcher, Susan – Eve Green

Flynn, Gillian – Gone Girl

Flynn, Simon – The Science Magpie

Fong, Kevin – Extremes: Life, Death and The Limits Of The Human Body

Ford, Jamie – Songs of Willow Frost

Fort, Adrian – Nancy: The Story of Lady Astor

Fox, Essie – Elijah’s Mermaid

Frank, Lone – The Neurotourist: Postcards From The Edge Of Brain Science

Frankel, Laurie – This Is How It Always Is

Frayn, Michael – Skios

Freisenbruch, Annelise – Rivals Of The Republic (Blood Of Rome #1)

French, Dawn – According To Yes

French, Tana – Dublin Murder Squad series

Freudenberger, Nell – The Newlyweds

Friend, Natasha – Lush

Fuller, Claire –


Gaiman, Neil –

Galbraith, Robert – The Cuckoo’s Calling

Gale, Patrick – A Place Called Winter

Garden, Nancy – Annie On My Mind

Gardner, Sally – Maggot Moon

Garland, Rosie – The Palace of Curiosities

Gino, Alex – George

Goodwin, Daisy – The Fortune Hunter

Gordon, Bryony – Mad Girl

Gorham, Carl – The Owl At The Window

Grahame, Kenneth – The Wind in the Willows

Grant, Helen – The Forbidden Spaces Trilogy

Granville, Eliza – Gretel And The Dark

Graves, Robert – The Long Weekend, A Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939

Gray, Dianne – Manslaughter And Other Tears (short story collection)

Green, John

Green, Sally – The Half Bad Trilogy

Gregory, Philippa –

Gregson, Julia – Jasmine Nights

Grisham, John – Rogue Lawyer

Guskin, Sharon – The Forgetting Time


Haas, Abigail –

Haddon, Mark – The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

Haig, Matt

Hall, Sarah – The Beautiful Indifference (short story collection)

Hamer, Kate – The Girl In The Red Coat

Hamilton, Patrick – The Slaves of Solitude

Hancock, Sheila – Miss Carter’s War

Hand, Cynthia – Unearthly Series

Hannah, Sophie – Did You See Melody?

Hardie, Mark – Burned And Broken

Hardy, Thomas – Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Harkness, Deborah – All Souls Trilogy

Harper, Jane – The Dry

Harris, Charlaine – Dead Until Dark

Harris, Robert –

Harris, Robie H – It’s Perfectly Normal

Hartley, Lisa – Ask No Questions

Harvey, John – Ghosts

Hawkins, Paula – The Girl On The Train

Hawley, Noah – The Good Father

Hayes, Antonia – Relativity

Hayes, Terry – I Am Pilgrim

Healey, Emma – Elizabeth Is Missing

Heller, Peter – The Dog Stars

Henkes, Kevin – Olive’s Ocean

Henshaw, Mark – The Snow Kimono

Hewitt, Kate – This Fragile Life

Hewson, David – The Killing

Hickie, Amanda – Before This Is Over

Higgs, John – Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense Of The Twentieth Century

Hilary, Sarah – DI Marnie Rome series

Hill, Joe –

Hill Joe – 20th Century Ghosts (short story collection)

Hislop, Victoria – Cartes Postales From Greece

Hodge, Brian – Roots And All (short story)

Hodgkin, Joanna – Tell Me Who I Am

Hodgson, Antonia – The Devil In The Marshalsea

Hodkin, Michelle – Mara Dyer Series

Holness, Matthew – Possum (short story)

Homes, A.M. – May We Be Forgiven

Hooper, Emma – Etta And Otto And Russell And James

Hope, Anna – The Ballroom

Hopkins, Ellen – Crank

Hornby, Nick – Funny Girl

Hosseini, Khaled

Howard, A.G. – Splintered series

Howells, Debbie – The Bones Of You

Huckerby, Mark and Ostler, Nick – Defender Of The Realm series

Hunter, Megan – The End We Start From

Hurwitz, Gregg – Orphan X

Huxley, Aldous – Brave New World


Ishiguro, Kazuo – Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (short story collection)

Ivey, Eowyn – The Snow Child


Jackson, Lisa – Close To Home

James, Henry – The Turn Of The Screw

James, Lauren – The Next Together series

Jefferies, Dinah – The Teaplanter’s Wife

Jewell, Lisa –

Jones, Lloyd – Hand Me Down World

Jordan, Hillary – When She Woke

Joyce, Graham – Tales for a Dark Evening (short story collection)

Joyce, Rachel – The Love Song Of Miss Queenie Hennessy (Harold Fry #2)

Judge, Andrew and Chris – Create Your Own Spy Mission

Juster, Norton – The Phantom Tollbooth


Kanon, Joseph – Leaving Berlin

Kean, Sam – The Tale Of The Duelling Neurosurgeons: The History Of The Human Brain As Revealed By True Stories Of Trauma, Madness And Recovery

Kelly, Erin – He Said/She Said

Kendal, Claire – The Book Of You

Kent, Christobel – The Loving Husband

Kent, Gabrielle – Alfie Bloom series

Kent, Hannah – Burial Rites

Kepler, Lans – The Nightmare

Kerley, J.A. – Little Girls Lost

Khan, Joshua – Shadow Magic series

Kiernan, Caitlin R. – Charcloth, Firesteel and Flint (short story)

Kinney, Jeff – Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

King, Clive – Stig Of The Dump

King, Stephen (novels)

King, Stephen – Skeleton Crew (short story collection)

King, Stephen – Other works

Kingsley, Charles – The Water Babies

Kingsolver, Barbara – Flight Behaviour

Kipling, Rudyard – Short stories

Klaussmann, Liza – Tigers in Red Weather

Knight, Renée – Disclaimer

Koomson, Dorothy –

Kubica, Mary – The Good Girl

Kuenzler, Lou – Bella Broomstick (Bella Broomstick #1)

Kuklin, Susan – Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out


Lafaye, Vanessa – Summertime

Laidlaw, Charlie – The Things We Learn When We’re Dead

Lalli, Sonya – The Arrangement

Lamb, Cathy – If You Could See What I See

Lanagan, Margo – Tender Morsels

Land, Ali – Good Me Bad Me

Langdale, Kay – The Way Back To Us

Lapena, Shari – The Couple Next Door

Lasdun, James – short story

Lauraine, Antoine – The President’s Hat

Lauren, Ruth – The Prisoner Of Ice And Snow

Lee, M. Jonathan – Broken Branches

L’Engle, Madeleine – A Wrinkle In Time

Lelic, Simon – The House

Lem, Stanislaw – Solaris

Leroux, Gaston – The Phantom of the Opera

Lessing, Doris – (short stories)

Leuschel, H.A. – Manipulated Lives

Levinson, David Samuel – Antonia Lively Breaks The Silence

Lewis, C.S. – The Chronicles of Narnia

Limburg, Joanne – A Want Of Kindness

Lindqvist, John Ajvide – short stories

Lister, S.E. – The Immortals

Lloyd, Natalie – A Snicker Of Magic

Locurto, Michael – To Sea

London, Jack – White Fang

Lovecraft, H.P. – The Definitive H.P. Lovecraft (short story collection)

Lowry, Lois – The Giver Quartet

Lotz, Sarah – The White Road

Lu, Marie – The Legend Series

Lupton, Rosamund – The Quality Of Silence


Maas, Sarah J. – The Throne Of Glass series

MacBride, Stuart

Mackintosh, Clare –

Mackler, Carolyn – The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things

MacLean, Rory – Gift Of Time: A Family’s Diary Of Cancer

MacLean, S.G, – The Redemption of Alexander Seaton

MacMahon, Kathleen – This Is How It Ends

MacMillan, Margaret – Women Of The Raj

Maddox, Brenda – Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA

Mafi, Tahereh – Shatter Me Series

Magonet, Jonathan – Netsuke Nation: Tales From Another Japan

Magorian, Michelle – Goodnight, Mister Tom

Maher, Kevin – The Fields

Maitland, Barry – The Blood Pearl (short story)

Maitland, Karen –

Maitland, Sara – Seeing Double (short story)

Mandel, Emily St John – Station Eleven

Mansfield, Katherine – Letters and Journals

Mansfield, Katherine – (short stories)

Mantel, Hilary – Beyond Black

Mark, David – The Dark Winter

Marriott, Zoe – Shadows On The Moon

Marryat, Frederick – The Children of the New Forest

Marsh, Henry – Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery

Marsh, Katie – This Beautiful Life

Marston, Edward – Hogmanay Homicide (short story)

Martel, Yann – Life of Pi

Martin, Hemmie – Garlic And Gauloises

Masterman, Becky – Rage Against The Dying

Maugham, W. Somerset –

Maurier, Daphne Du – novels

Maurier, Daphne Du – The Breaking Point (short story collection)

Maurier, Daphne Du – The Birds And Other Stories (short story collection)

Mawer, Simon

May, Peter – The Lewis Trilogy

May, Peter – Entry Island

McCarthy, Morgan – Strange Girls And Ordinary Women

McCullers, Carson – The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

McGilloway, Brian – The Rat In The Attic

McGrann, Molly – The Ladies Of The House

McGregor, Jon – This Isn’t The Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You (short story collection)

McInerney, Lisa – The Glorious Heresies

McKay, Hilary – Saffy’s Angel

McKenzie, Sophie – Close My Eyes

McLain, Paula – Circling The Sun

McPartlin, Anna – The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

McVeigh, Jennifer –

Melamed, Jennie – Gather The Daughers

Merullo, Roland – Vatican Waltz

Meyer, Marissa – The Lunar Chronicles

Miller, Madeline – The Song of Achilles

Mills, Mark – The Long Shadow

Moggach, Deborah –

Moggach, Lottie – Kiss Me First

Montgomery, L.M, –

Moran, Caitlin – How To Build A Girl

Moriarty, Liane –

Moriarty, Sinead – Mad About You

Morrison, Arthur – A Child of The Jago

Morrison, Toni – The Bluest Eye

Mortimer, Charlie and Roger – Dear Lupin: Letters to a Wayward Son

Mosby, Steve – Fruits (short story)

Mosse, Kate – The Mistletoe Bride And Other Haunting Tales (short story collection)

Mosse, Kate – novels

Moyes, Jojo

Munro, Alice – Too Much Happiness  (short story collection)

Munro, Alice – The Moons Of Jupiter (short story)

Murakami, Haruki – 1Q84 trilogy

Murphy, Yannick – This Is The Water

Myracle, Lauren – ttyl


Neill, Fiona – The Betrayals

Nesbit, Edith –

Nesbo, Jo

Ness, Patrick – The Chaos Walking Series

Ness, Patrick – (novels, other works)

Neuhaus, Nele – Snow White Must Die

Neville, Stuart – Those We Left Behind

Ng, Celeste – Little Fires Everywhere

Nicholas, Douglas – Something Red

Nicholls, David – Us

Nicholson, Virginia – Among The Bohemians: Experiments In Living 1900-1939

Nijkamp, Marieke – This Is Where It Ends

Norman, Charity – After The Fall

North, Claire – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Norton, Mary – The Borrowers

Nugent, Liz – Lying In Wait

Nutting, Alissa – Tampa


O’Connell, Jennifer et al – Everything I Needed To Know About Being A Girl I Learned From Judy Blume

O’Farrell, Maggie –

O’Neill, Louise –

Oliver, Lauren – Delirium Series

Orringer, Julie – How To Breathe Underwater (short story collection)

Osborne, Abigail – The Puppet Master

Osborne, Frances – The Bolter: Edwardian Heartbreak and High Society Scandal in Kenya

Orwell, George – 1984

Oswald, James – Inspector McLean series

Oswald, James – The Ballad Of Sir Benfro series

Overton, Hollie – Baby Doll


Palund, Linda – The Little Black Dress

Parameswaran, Rajesh – I Am An Executioner (short story collection)

Parker, Dorothy – A Telephone Call (short story)

Parkin, Cassandra – The Summer We All Ran Away

Parks, Adele – The Stranger In My Home

Parsons, Tony – The Murder Bag

Pascoe, Sara – Animal: The Autobiography Of A Female Body

Paterson, Katherine – Bridge To Terabithia

Paull, Laline – The Bees

Pearson, Mary. E – The Remnant Chronicles

Penney, Stef – Under A Pole Star

Perry, Sarah – The Essex Serpent

Pessl, Marisha – Night Film

Phillips, Melanie – The Ascent of Woman

Picoult, Jodi –

Pines, T – Thirteen Tales Of Horror

Plath, Sylvia – The Bell Jar

Poe, Edgar Allan – The Best Short Stories Of Edgar Allan Poe

Porter, Eleanor H. – Pollyanna

Porter, Jason – Why Are You So Sad?

Portman, Guy – Necropolis

Potts, Jenny Morton – Piano From A 4th Storey Window

Prowse, Amanda – The Art Of Hiding

Pulley, Natasha – The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street

Pullman, Phillip – His Dark Materials Series


Quinn, Kate – The Empress Of Rome series

Quinn, Kate Karyus – Another Little Piece


Randall, Bonnie – Divinity And The Python

Randhawa, Ravinder

Ransome, Arthur – Swallows And Amazons

Rattle, Alison –

Rees, Celia – Witch Child

Reid, Carmen – Cross My Heart: And Hope to Live

Rentzenbrink, Cathy – The Last Act Of Love

Reynolds, Amanda – Close To Me

Reynolds, Marilyn – Detour For Emmy

Rhys, Jean – Voyage In The Dark

Rhys, Rachel – A Dangerous Crossing

Richardson, Justin and Parnell, Peter – And Tango Makes Three

Riggs, Ransom – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Children series

Riordan, Rick – Percy Jackson And The Olympians series

Robb, J.D. – Echoes In Death

Roberts, Nora –

Robertson, Mark – Off Key

Roble, M.L. – The Hidden Gifted series

Rowling, J.K, – The Casual Vacancy

Rose, Barbara Wade – The Priest, The Witch & The Poltergeist

Rose, M.J. – Seduction

Ross, Elizabeth – Belle Epoque

Rossi, Veronica – Under The Never Sky series

Rossiter, Joanna – The Sea Change

Rostain, Michel – The Son

Roth, Veronica – Divergent Series

Rundell, Katherine – Rooftoppers

Russell, Karen – Vampires in the Lemon Grove (short story collection)

Russell, Mary Doria – The Sparrow

Ryan, Donal – The Spinning Heart 


Sanghera, Sathnam – Marriage Material

Sarginson, Saskia – The Twins

Satrapi, Marjane – The Complete Persepolis

Schwartz, Alvin – In A Dark, Dark Room And Other Scary Stories

Schmidt, Sarah – See What I Have Done

Scott, Nikola – My Mother’s Shadow

Scott, Paul – The Jewel in The Crown

Scudiere, A.J. – Under Dark Skies

Sedgwick, Marcus –

See, Lisa – Snow Flower And The Secret Fan

Selasi, Taiye – Ghana Must Go

Selby Jr, Hubert – The Willow Tree

Sendker, Jan-Philipp – The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats

Seskis, Tina – One Step Too Far

Shakespeare, William – The Comedy of Errors

Shanor, Karen and Kanwal, Jagmeet – Bats Sing, Mice Giggle: The Surprising Science Of Animals’ Inner Lives

Sharp, Andrew J.H. – Fortunate

Shearman, Robert – Alice Through The Plastic Sheet (short story)

Sheehan, Nikki – Who Framed Klaris Cliff?

Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein

Shemilt, Jane – Daughter

Shriver, Lionel – The Post-Birthday World

Simpson, Helen – Charm For A Friend With A Lump (short story)

Simpson, Virginia A. – The Space Between: A Memoir Of Mother-Daughter Love At The End Of Life

Simsion, Graeme – The Rosie Project

Sittenfeld, Curtis – Sisterland

Slatter, Angela – Sourdough And Other Stories (short story collection)

Slatter, Angela – (short stories)

Slaughter, Karin – (novels)

Slaughter, Karin – (short stories/novellas)

Smith, Ali – How To Be Both

Smith, Jeff – Bone, Volume 1 (Issues 1-6)

Smith, Tom Rob – The Farm

Smith, Zadie – NW

Snicket, Lemony – The Unfortunate Series Of Events series

Sones, Sonya – What My Mother Doesn’t Know

Spark, Muriel – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Spotswood, Jessica – The Cahill Witch Chronicles

Spyri, Johanna – Heidi

Starkman, Monica – The End Of Miracles

Starr, Jason –

Stead, C.K, – Mansfield

Stedman, M.L, – The Light Between Oceans

Stein, Rick – Under A Mackerel Sky

Steinbeck, John –

Steiner, Susie – Missing, Presumed

Stine – R.L. – Point Horror series

Stirling, Joss – Storm and Stone

Stone, Tanya Lee – A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl

Streatfeild, Noel – Ballet Shoes

Stuart, Keith – A Boy Made Of Blocks

Summerscale, Kate – Mrs Robinsons Disgrace: The Private Diary Of A Victorian Lady

Swanson, Peter – The Kind Worth Killing

Swarup, Vikas – The Accidental Apprentice

Sykes, S.D. – Plague Land


Taguchi, Randy – Fujisan (short story collection)

Takami, Koushun – Battle Royale

Tartt, Donna

Tarttelin, Abigail – Golden Boy

Taylor, Mildred D. – Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

Telgemeier, Raina – Drama

Thomas, Ruth – The Class That Went Wild

Thomas, Scarlett – Bright Young Things

Thomason, Dustin – 12.21

Thompson, Craig – Habibi

Thompson, Kate – Down Among The Gods

Thornton, Rosy – Sandlands (short story collection)

Thurlbourn, Cara – Fire Lines

Tilton, Eliza – Broken Forest

Tinti, Hannah – The Twelve Lives Of Samuel Hawley

Tolstoy, Leo – Anna Karenina 

Torday, Piers – The Last Wild Series

Torjussen, Mary – Gone Without A Trace

Toye, Richard – Churchill’s Empire: The World That Made Him And The World He Made

Tremayne, S.K. – The Ice Twins

Tuttle, Lisa – The Man In The Ditch (short story)

Twardowski, Kristen – When We Go Missing

Tyler, Anne – A Spool Of Blue Thread


Valente, Catherynne M. – Deathless (Leningrad Diptych #1)

VanderMeer, Jeff – Annihilation (Southern Reach #1)

Vaughan, Brian E and Staples, Fiona –

Vowler, Tom – That Dark Remembered Day


Walliams, David

Walls, Jeannette – The Glass Castle

Walsh, Helen – The Lemon Grove

Walton, Jo – Among Others

Ward, Jacqueline – Random Acts Of Unkindness

Ward, Jesmyn – Salvage The Bones

Ware, Ruth – In A Dark, Dark Wood

Warner, Sylvia Townsend – Lolly Willowes

Waters, Sarah – The Paying Guests

Watkins, Claire Vaye – Gold Fame Citrus

Waugh, Carolyn – The Oasis Of Time

Waugh, Evelyn – Black Mischief

Weaver, Tim – Never Coming Back

Webster, Jean – Daddy Long Legs

Wein, Elizabeth – Code Name Verity

Weir, Alison – Six Tudor Queens series

Weir, Andy – The Martian

Wells, H.G, – The Time Machine

Welsh, Kaite – The Wages Of Sin

Westerfeld, Scott – Uglies Series

Whaley, John Corey – Highly Illogical Behaviour

Wharton, Edith – The Age Of Innocence

White, E.B, – Charlotte’s Web

Whitehouse, Lucie – Before We Met

Wignall, Kevin – A Place For Violence (short story)

Wilby, Rosie – Is Monogamy Dead?

Wilde, Oscar – plays

Wilde, Oscar – short stories

Wilks, Haydn – The Death Of Danny Daggers

Williams, Margery – The Velveteen Rabbit

Williams, Tennessee – The Glass Menagerie

Williamson, Lara – The Boy Who Sailed The Ocean In An Armchair

Wilson, D.W, – Ballistics

Winman, Sarah – A Year Of Marvellous Ways

Winter, Jeanette – Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story From Afghanistan

Wood, Charlotte – The Natural Way Of Things

Wood, Lucy – Diving Belles (short story collection)

Wood, Naomi – Mrs Hemingway

Woodhead, Lindy – Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge

Woods, Elizabeth – Choker

Woolf, Leonard – The Village In The Jungle

Woolf, Virginia – Kew Gardens (short story)

Worsley, Lucy – Jane Austen At Home: A Biography

Wyld, Evie – All The Birds, Singing

Wyss, Johann David – The Swiss Family Robinson


Yan, Mo – Big Breasts and Wide Hips

Yanagihara, Hanya –

Yates, Richard – A Convalescent Ego (short story)

Young, David – Karin Müller series

Young, Louisa – My Dear I Wanted To Tell You

Young, Natalie – Season To Taste Or How To Eat Your Husband

Young, Suzanne – The Program


Zail, Suzy – The Wrong Boy

Zan, Koethi – The Never List

Zailckas, Koren – Mother, Mother

Ziegesar, Cecily von – Gossip Girl


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