Personal Post – Blogging with Fibromyalgia

Published January 29, 2017 by bibliobeth


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Hi everyone, hope you’re having a lovely day! I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for a while but I’ve only just worked up the courage to do it. If you’re not into personal posts and are only here for the books, you can skip this I honestly won’t be offended. But if you’re interested…. if you’re a regular visitor to my blog you might wonder why I post so erratically – sometimes I can manage every day for a week, other times you may not hear from me for ten days? Well, unfortunately, just over six years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and hypermobility and it has changed my life completely.


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How can I describe fibromyalgia? Well, there’s a few choice words I’d LIKE to use, but I’ll keep it clean. Fibro is like a beast inside your body, constantly gnawing away at you, giving you no rest or comfort day or night. But less dramatically… fibro is a chronic illness with an unknown cause (as yet, although there are a few theories). It causes pain in many different regions of the body and comes with a host of different symptoms, not all of them I have but I’m unlucky to have a good chunk of them.


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Some people say there’s over sixty symptoms, some over one hundred. Basically, every thing that goes wrong with my body is explained by my doctor as “my fibro,” which can be kind of frustrating. How has it changed my life? I’m not the same person I used to be. I used to be really active, energetic, going to spin classes at the gym and loved socialising with my friends pre-fibro. Now, the only kind of exercise I can cope with is walking (20 mins tops), I can’t stand for long periods of time, I’m constantly beyond the usual level of tired and I’m in pain every. single. day. And social life – are you kidding me? I’m currently managing to work full-time as a biomedical scientist and I’m finding it really really tough. Many people with fibro either can’t work at all or can only work part-time. God knows how I’m doing it!


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One of the hardest things about fibro is when it affects my reading/blogging. I’ve got a humungous back log of reviews from literally over a year ago and when I’m feeling particularly bad, there’s no way I can sit down with my laptop and do a post. My brain and body just won’t let me. I am trying to make positive steps though – like my mini reviews, to catch up on that backlog which is working really well so far!

I’ve always been introverted, that’s for sure but I was just gaining a bit of confidence in myself before fibro hit which is a shame. Now I question everything – my work, friends, blog posts etc. Fibro really affects the way I speak and sometimes I really struggle for words or get them in the wrong order which makes me a bit scared and then I panic when I talk to people and feel the old “fibro fog,” descending which of course makes it worse!

I really am trying to stay positive about the whole thing and when it’s been six years… you kind of get used to it believe it or not! I just wanted to explain to any readers, publishers, authors others who are curious why I might be a bit slow at getting your reviews up or your books read. I am truly sorry and am trying my best, I absolutely love what I do and if I’ve agreed to read your book, trust me I WILL read it. (Failing that, if it’s been a year, maybe you should give me a little poke and remind me as my memory nowadays kind of sucks!) 😛

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for reading/listening to my bunch of nonsense, it feels better just to get it out there. Thank you once again to everyone who comes to visit and reads my reviews, I honestly appreciate each and every one of you and long may it continue!! If you have any questions (or are a fellow sufferer yourself) I am happy to answer them, available in the usual places – here in the comments section, on Twitter @bibliobeth1, on Instagram and on Facebook. Take care everyone!

Beth xxxx


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14 comments on “Personal Post – Blogging with Fibromyalgia

  • Big love to you sister! ❤ As you know, I think you're a hero for managing to work full time when I've known two people with the same condition who work part time and struggle. You're strong, like ox! 😀 Remember, as I always tell you, your blog will always be here. It's YOUR blog, your rules.

  • I just have to second Chrissie – amazing that you’re managing to work full-time! Is it a condition that ever goes away or is it lifelong? They are making extraordinary advances in treatments of all kinds of things these days – hopefully they’ll find something that at least controls the symptoms a little better. So sorry you’re having to go through this.

    • Oh thank you so much. It was so nice to write everything down like that, quite cathartic in a way! Doctors have said it’ll be with me for the rest of my life now unfortunately but I’m always looking for new ways to control things and pace myself. (Which is a mammoth task for me as I’ve always been a workaholic so dialling things down is so alien to me – a completely different mindset!) I’m still learning and don’t always listen to my body like I should but am coping with it so much better than when I was first diagnosed. You’re right, who knows what will happen in the future? I absolutely have to stay positive. Thank you so much for your kind words xx

  • *hugs and love*

    This. So much this. I’ve suffered this beast for over a decade. I hate trying to explain to people what’s wrong with me. I am very lucky I have a job where recharge naps are possible, and they, at least, do get it. Not everyone though, and part of the problem is my family…. They claim to understand, yet no one else is really willing to pitch in and do chores on a regular basis.

    I so grok the speech problems too. I hate when I’m trying to explain something to a guest and abruptly lose my words, or worse, my whole train of thought. I recently got another steep decline. Now I really struggle to keep up with blogging, and there are times I don’t even want to read (*gasp*) because it’s hard to comprehend. My second greatest fear is having my intelligence stripped away, and I feel I’m facing that now.

    Ironic I should find your post two days after I posted my own re: CFFM. Did they give you gabapentin for it?

    • I’m so sorry you’ve got the beast too!! It’s just awful isn’t it? Having to cope each day and knowing you’re not going to get any better. ☹️ I hate the speech stuff so much – especially at work because I just end up looking like an idiot when I’m fighting for words or lose my train of thought! 🙄 I was on Pregabalin (in the same family of drugs) for a long while but then found the side effects were just awful. 😪 Always here if you want to talk. 😘

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