Blog Tour – Introducing The Ninja Book Box

Published October 1, 2016 by bibliobeth


Hello everyone! I recently did a post on the Ninja Book Swap which I’m an eager participant of but today I’d like to tell you about a new venture run by the lovely Bex who organises the Ninja Book Swap. She began a Kickstarter campaign to fund her idea, a quarterly subscription box – The Ninja Book Box, that ships worldwide, featuring books from independent publishers. Bex says:

“We aim to introduce excellent books (both backlist and new releases) particularly those which our team & the publishers we work with feel haven’t received the recognition they deserve, and help you find favourites in genres you wouldn’t necessarily pick up for yourselves. Supporting primarily UK based small businesses, each box will contain a book (often signed by the author & with additional material) plus at least two gift items and lots of other fun extras and will take its theme from the book. We want to support excellence and promote exploration and discovery in all aspects of the box. Subscribers will also gain access to lots of additional community perks.”

She first came up for the idea for the box when she couldn’t find a book subscription box service in the UK that didn’t primarily focus on young adult fiction. The point of The Ninja Book Box is that it will span a wide variety of genres from science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, graphic novels etc… and include books from authors or publishers that you may not necessarily notice or pick up on your own. Back to Bex:

“As you might expect from the co-founder of a book swap, I love getting books in the post. Subscription boxes particularly are the best, because while nobody enjoys getting random stuff they don’t want, receiving a box of books and related goodies based on a theme and genre which interests you can be a really great thing. The fun of opening the box and discovering all the goodies inside along with the added bonus of a surprise book is something that I really get excited about, but when I looked around I couldn’t find any boxes based in the UK which didn’t focus primarily on young adult fiction. There are many ‘one book a month’ type subscriptions available, but I wanted to have the more immersive experience of a box of things which relate to and teach you about the world of a book, rather than just another great book to add to my shelf. I like to have context for a book, particularly if it features an event, country, character or period I don’t know much about.”

Sounds awesome, right? I’ve been thinking about signing up to a book subscription box for a while and this one got all my bibliophile senses tingling. I’m happy to announce that Bex has surpassed her original target of £500 on Kickstarter and has at the time of writing, 40 backers for the project. For more information sign up to her newsletter, or check out the website for details of how to get the first box! To back Bex’s project (deadline OCTOBER 2ND) please visit her Kickstarter site HERE. I’m an enthusiastic backer of the project myself and am so excited to get the first box in November so look out for a special post sometime next month as I open the very first box.

Convinced yet? Well, how about this teaser of a potential box?? Click HERE.

Final words from Bex:

“With this project I am making something that I not only really want to exist but also which I absolutely believe in and think will make people happy. This box could be a thing of greatness. I will do my utmost to make it a phenomenal experience each quarter, with lots of awesome and crazy extras, but there’s no point in me doing that for nobody. I need you to support the project with your finances, your blogs, social media, and word of mouth, your recommendations and your belief. If you’ve been involved with any of my past and ongoing projects then you know that I can make this great, and if you haven’t then please check out the hashtags and the websites and trust me. Get behind me and the project and add a little bit of Ninja Joy to your life.”

A huge thank you to Bex for coming up with this brilliant idea and all her hard work in preparing for it. She has also arranged a fantastic giveaway for us lucky individuals where you can get The Ninja Book Box FOR FREE. What are you waiting for? Click the link below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why not visit some other bloggers to get their take on the Ninja Book Box?


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