Talking About The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke with Chrissi

Published September 4, 2013 by bibliobeth


What’s it all about?:

Two sisters, one life-changing journey…

There are some currents in the relationship between sisters that run so dark and so deep, it’s better for the people swimming on the surface never to know what’s beneath . . .

Katie’s carefully structured world is shattered by the news that her headstrong younger sister, Mia, has been found dead in Bali – and the police claim it was suicide.

With only the entries of Mia’s travel journal as her guide, Katie retraces the last few months of her sister’s life, and – page by page, country by country – begins to uncover the mystery surrounding her death.

What she discovers changes everything. But will her search for the truth push their sisterly bond – and Katie – to breaking point?

The Sea Sisters is a compelling story of the enduring connection between sisters.

What did WE think?:

CHRISSI: What were your initial thoughts about Mia’s death?
BETH: We know about Mia’s death right from the beginning of the novel, so I’m not worried about spoilers here! I felt saddened by her death, as the reader can see this is a fact that will not change through the novel, no matter what the circumstances are. What was intriguing for me was the mystery surrounding her death – why was she there when she was meant to be in Australia? And was it suicide? If so, why did she kill herself? There are so many questions to be answered, and I enjoyed the whole uncertainty of the situation that the author presents.
BETH: What did you think about the relationship between Katie and Mia? Did you think it was a typical sister relationship?
CHRISSI: I do think that it was, in the main part, a normal relationship. I think Katie as the older sister, felt like she had to look out for Mia and was responsible for her actions, especially after the death of their mother. Some of the things Mia had done could be interpreted as selfish, another thing I think sometimes the younger sister is.. (I think I’m admitting there that I’m times! At times!)
CHRISSI: Did you like how the story alternated between point of views or did you prefer one sister to another?
BETH: As Katie hops from country to country following her sister’s Mia journey according to her journal, in order to find some answers, we get their alternate points of view, which I loved. I enjoyed reading about both sisters, probably because they were like chalk and cheese, and felt the author captured their different characters perfectly.
BETH: How well do you think the author set the scene in terms of places?
CHRISSI: The aspect of the book that stands out for me the most is the use of the sea. I don’t feel I really knew a lot about most of the places that Katie/Mia visited. I found Bali to be the best for setting the scene. I think it’s probably because that’s where the most memorable and sad thing happened.
CHRISSI: Do you think Katie made the right decision to travel where Mia did?
BETH: Most definitely! I think it helped her to come to terms with the loss of her sister, gave her some answers that she desperately needed (even if it was hurtful in the process!) and gave her those once in a lifetime experiences which changed her as a person.
BETH: On page 24, Mia writes: “People go travelling for two reasons, because they are searching for something, or because they are running from something. For me, it’s both.” What does she mean by this?                                                                                                    CHRISSI: Ooh tough question. I think Mia didn’t know who she really was and always felt like an outsider in her family. I think she wanted to run away from that feeling, and by running away she hoped she’d discover who she was.
CHRISSI: Is the sea significant in this story?
BETH: The sea is incredibly significant and symbolises many things for both sisters. For Katie, it is vast and terrifying, and for Mia, it is an adventure, and something to be enjoyed. The sea is also an entity that divides both sisters when they are on opposite sides of the globe.
BETH: How do you think Katie changed as a person through her journey to find out what had happened to Mia?
CHRISSI: Something that really stood out for me during this book, was that both sisters were feeling guilt in some way or another. I think Katie had to make a journey where Mia was to deal with her grief and find out answers that would otherwise plague her. I think Katie grew as a person as she accepted home truths. Her time apart from her fiancé also gave her room to decide what she really wanted.
CHRISSI: Is there too much drama in this book for it to be believable?
BETH: There is a lot of drama, and some excellent twists and turns, as we find out more about what has happened to Mia. I have to say I was a little surprised by the ending, as it seemed like a lot was going on, and I’m not sure if it was entirely believable but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.
BETH: Was the ending satisfactory?
CHRISSI: There was SO much going on towards the end of the book. I wasn’t sure it was ever going to tie up, but it did. I was satisfied with the explanation of Mia’s death.

Would WE recommend it?:

BETH: But of course!

CHRISSI: Of course!

BETH’s star rating (out of 5):


CHRISSI’s star rating (out of 5):


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